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Based in  Liverpool at the Invisible Wind Factory,  the  Kazimier  create  interdisciplinary  work  from  intimate  installations  to  mass  audience  spectacles.  We  explore how  sense  and  perception  can  be  manipulated,  wrapping  creative  technology  within  deeper  mystery.  The  Kazimier  produce  world-class  commissions  for  international  clients including  festivals,  public  institutions  and  global  brands  as  well  as  devising  in-house  productions. 


Over time, the work has evolved and now encompasses a wider variety of innovative elements; immersive audio, interactive games, lighting design, etc. which has allowed Kazimier to deliver more complex concepts using in-house expertise; producing projects with broader scope and clientele, in a greater range of environments. Our  core  team  includes  artists,  producers,  engineers,  and  specialist  makers with all the work prototyped, fabricated and delivered right here in Liverpool.

25 Carlton Street // Liverpool // L3 7ED

Please email for any inquiries

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Play is central to our work and allows us to make works which capture the imagination, appeal to a wide age range and entice audiences to return time and time again.


Working predominantly outdoors, our light sculptures have been exhibited nationally.  Often taking cues from natures we aspire to build ideas which excite and sooth the imagination.


Building  ' a world within a world' immersive spaces, complete with intricate narratives, beautiful sets and highly choreographed performances is a core aspiration of the team.

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our extensive workshop facility allows us to fabricate any size project, working across wide range of materials and processes.


Integrated technology plays a key role in our work. Working with a wide range of sensors, lighting, video, audio, laser and  robotics we are able to bring our ideas to life.


We aim to provide a fully vertically integrated solution - taking on each step of the process, starting with concept drawings -> prototyping -> fabrication -> show design -> installation

Whitworth Gallery • A.N.D Festival • English Heritage • Sky TV • MIF • Festival No.6 • Liverpool Bienial • Liverpool International Business Festival • BlueDot Festival • Redbull Music Academy • Heineken Champions League Final • Eindhoven Psyk Festival • Lovebox Festival • Uni Global Conference 2018 • Mind the Gap • Derwent Pulse • The British Council  •  Culture Liverpool •  Hull City Council •  
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