Toneacity Entertainment Showcase: Spotlight on the Soul n Motown band TONEACIOUS SOUL.
23rd March 2024 - 6:00 pm
Invisible Wind Factory

Toneacity Entertainment Showcase: Spotlight on the Soul n Motown band Toneacious Soul.

Toneacious Soul hosts an Electrifying Night of Soul n Motown magic at The Invisible Wind Factory – Get

Ready for an Unforgettable Experience!

Toneacity Entertainment, a budding entertainment agency driven by a commitment to authenticity and

excellence, is delighted to announce its forthcoming event at The Invisible Wind Factory on March 23rd.

Presenting an incredible evening of entertainment from their premier act Toneacious Soul. The occasion

guarantees an extraordinary evening filled with soulful classics, electrifying performances, and an

impressive display of exceptional musicianship.

The Toneacity Entertainmet Showcase is not just a mere event; it is a dynamic platform for our audience

to maintain a connection with the ever-evolving journey of the agency. This inaugural event marks the

beginning of a series, spotlighting the growth of our premier band, Toneacious Soul, and will eventually

serve as the launchpad for upcoming bands currently in development. These events are key in the

growth of the agency so partner with us in not just a singular moment but an ongoing journey of growth

and maturation of the vibrant platform of Toneacity Entertainment.

Join us on this journey, to redefine the standards of outstanding musical experiences.

What to expect…

-A 13-piece Soul n Motown band with string section & authentic, incredible soul singers, Tony Alphonse, Kayleigh O’neil, and Melissa Joy Aimee.

-Exceptional musicians delivering a night of non-stop dancing and top-quality entertainment.


Invisible Wind Factory 3 Regent Rd
Liverpool L3 7DS