LUVCAT + Support
31st July 2024 - 7:00 pm
Kazimier Stockroom

Luvcat headline show at the Kazimier Stockroom…

Born in Liverpool with a longing for mischief, Luvcat ran away with a Parisian circus
on the eve of her sixteenth birthday. There she became a magician’s assistant for
many years. After a secret, ill-fated affair with the ringmaster, Luvcat performed a
final disappearing act and fled on a train through the ocean to the heart of London.
She slinked back into society, and, inspired by the dark, playful romance of Leonard
Cohen, Nick Cave & The Cure, Luvcat began penning songs of her travels and all
the lovers and libertines she met along the way. 


Kazimier Stockroom 32 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BE