30th October 2023 - 7:00 pm
Kazimier Stockroom
Age Restrictions: 18

HILARY WOODS (ex JJ72) headlines the Stockroom with her immersive AV show.

Working across song, sound, writing and analogue filmmaking, Irish artist Hilary
Woods’ atmospheric and evocative compositions cultivate practices that are in call and
response to each other. Her sensorial sonic experimentalism and her excavations
incorporating drone, samples, field recordings, texture and voice, give way to the intimacy
and tenderness of a deeply personal and intuitive song-writing. A sound embedded in visual
potency, physicality and a moving majesty, 2023 will see the release of Hilary’s third full
length record on Sacred Bones Records. Live she will be joined on her upcoming shows by
pioneering and visionary drummer and percussionist Gabriel Ferrandini, whose impulse to
free the drums from their conventional confines creates states of confluence between
rhythm, texture and harmony.

LULA NOVA – Other worldly experimental folk duo made up of Luciana Mercer (Stealing Sheep) + Martin Smith (Wizards of Twiddly / The Weave / General Liverpool jazz legend).   


Kazimier Stockroom 32 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BE