HETTA + Mould + Heathens, Bloody Heathens
7th December 2023 - 7:30 pm
Kazimier Stockroom

Amorphic Music presents a night of noise & avant rock on Thursday the 7th of December at @kazimierstockroom featuring Portuguese grind / post-hardcore quartet HETTA, Bristol no wave noise punks MOULD + new Liverpool post punks HEATHENS, BLOODY HEATHENS.


“Hailing from Montijo, a city located on the south side of the Tagus river, Hetta have been incessantly playing throughout Portugal all the while developing a following that’s quite uncommon these days. Comprised of Alex Domingos (vocals), João Pires (guitar), Simão Simões (bass) and João Portalegre (drums), Hetta are revitalizing a post-hardcore tradition in line with labels like Three One G or Sargent House that feels smart without relying on overtly techy movements and feral without succumbing to noisy abandon. Stop/start dynamics, headbanging
grooves and fiery passages that cling onto memorable songs, as those presented on their self released debut EP – Headlights – and continued this year on a 4-way split with Alas, Apostles of Eris and Letterbombs
through Zegema Beach Records.”


From the accumulated experiences of 10 years’ worth of passion and exploration, Joe Sherrin, Kane Eagle and James Luxton have come together to form MOULD. Tethered by their love for music, they have played together in various bands such as Cagework, SLONK, JUMBO, Milo’s Planes, Radiators and Let’s Kill Janice.

For 5 years they have been a backing band, both touring and on recording, for Fenne Lily. This has included several tours throughout the US and Europe that has not only solidified the members as great friends, but also demonstrated their abilities as outstanding musicians.

MOULD is a project born out of closeness, and its creativity is a testament to the bond that has formed through the shared devotion of all 3 band members. Replacing Joe’s solo project, SLONK, the band are focused on making music that immerses their audience in loud and sweaty micro hits.


Kazimier Stockroom 32 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BE