P!RESENTS – FLUX – An evening of experimental music and performance.
1st April 2023 - 7:00 pm
Kazimier Stockroom

P!RESENTS (POLEXIA! Presents) FLUX the first in a series of events showcasing experimental music and performance from the Northwest and beyond.

Tickets- £10 Adv/£13 otd- https://fatso.ma/Xm3y


Dark experimental pop music with a twist of insanity. Utilising industrial beats, a choir of textured vocal melodies, and anchoring basslines in an engrossing study of the female self, CURRENTMOODGIRL embraces the extreme to deliver high-octane performances not to be forgotten in a hurry.



Introducing The Ladies in The Radiator: Phoebe Winstanley and Jezebel Halewood-Leagas. Phoebe is a poet and spoken word artist from South Wales who uses a comedic Lynchian style to communicate feelings of trauma, insanity, healing, and radical honesty. Jezebel is a musician and sound artist from Liverpool.

Together they make the ladies in the radiator: an amalgamation of purposeful noise, and fervent words with impassioned meanings.


Rosie is a dancer and choreographer, her inspirations stem from her training in Israel based in Gaga technique and work in Switzerland with somatic, and improvisation techniques. She’s performed for Jérôme Bel and Léa Tirabasso worldwide, and is Co- Artistic Director of Swiss based Dance collective ‘Bufo Makmal’ collaborating with sound, light and costume designers during 6 years of production. Current collaborations include Zurich’s Simon Fleury (massage with dance) and London’s Zjana Muraro’s somatic vs digital dance. She continues to teach Dance and Pilates in Liverpool as ‘Studio Fluid’.”

Rosie’s piece for the Stockroom expresses the tensions and postures the body inhabits when in a state of rage and the feeling of calm after a storm. The dance segues through disparate thrashes, sweeps and dreamy partying, always connecting to a pleasure to move. With noise and drone-like sound design by Berlin based Ciell/Jan Sutter.


One half of POLEXIA! a member of S. Ward, The Ladies in The Radiator and ex LONESAW. Jezebels music treads the line between pop music and noise, she will be performing a soundscape piece written especially for FLUX, utilising Ableton Live and Theremin.


Evening Meal serves up an eclectic mix of way-out left-field sonics, synth pop, experimental ambience and all the spaces in-between.

With Visuals for the show created by Johanna Connolly and Laura Rushton.




Kazimier Stockroom 32 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BE
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